Jorge Inzunza

Chilean-American writer

Escribir es como una danza entre recuerdos, sueños y deseos.

Writing is like a dance between memories, dreams and wishes.

The Dream of Arecibo

By Jorge Inzunza In 1972, Werner Herzog released the film “Aguirre, the Wrath of God,”, a magnificent masterpiece that attempted to show the feverish search for El Dorado in the territories of communion between the Andes and the Amazon. The initial image shows us the clouds moving stealthily over the peaks of the Andes Mountains.…

El sueño de Arecibo

Por Jorge Inzunza En 1972, Werner Herzog estrenó la película “Aguirre, la ira de Dios”, una obra magnífica que intentó mostrar la febril búsqueda de El Dorado en los territorios de comunión entre Los Andes y el Amazonas. La imagen inicial nos muestra las nubes moviéndose sigilosamente sobre los picos de Cordillera de Los Andes.…


A few years ago, one of my fifth grade students approached me before school started. Her face was bordering on anguish. She looked me in the eye and asked, “Teacher, is it true that there will be a shooting this morning?”  I knew her well. Death was part of her life at her short 10 years…

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